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Source Recruitement
Interactive design
Studio Output redesigned the website for Source, a creative recruitment consultancy based in London.
The new site was designed and developed from the ground up & focussed on cross-linking content and an updated brand message. A bespoke CMS created by Leftbrained allows for ease-of-use content creation and hooks into various external APIs (Facebook, Twitter etc), to create engaging staff profiles on the site. In addition, the site backend connects to their 3rd party job posting distribution and resume software, and aggregates client feedback data in the so-called Source-o-meter and Testimonial pages.
Source homepage


Jobs overview

Jobs overview

Single job post

Job post

Source Team page

Team page, showing active filtering to find the relevant consultant.

Source staff profile

Staff profile page

Source-o-meter statistics

"Source-o-meter" page

Client feedback page

Feedback page (Clients), showing expanded pods with individual ratings & comments.

Source blog