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A Christmas Tweet
Interactive design
During December 2010 Studio Output ran A Christmas Tweet, a Twitter data visualiser that tracked what people were thinking, feeling and saying during the festive period. Running from December 1st until Christmas Day it recorded over 2 million tweets — ranging from musical preferences, favourite brands and must-have presents; to sociological data mapping positive vs. negative emotions and if money or family ruled the period. The project was a close collaboration with Morph London who developed the site and processed the raw data, while Zelig Sound created the subtle audio branding.

The project was nominated for a 2011 BIMA Award in the Use of Data, Mashups & Data-Visualisation category.
A Christmas Tweet homepage

A Christmas Tweet homepage showing all tracking modules

A Christmas Tweet Music
A Christmas Tweet Music

Music page showing logged tweets and top 40 most popular artists

A Christmas Tweet Sentiments

Positive (red) vs Negative (blue) sentiments

A Christmas Tweet presents

Most coveted gifts. The relative scale of the object indicated its popularity