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DIESEL: Only The Brave
Motion — Image design
Online art installation created with Tim Muller to promote Diesel's new fragrance "Only The Brave". The site, created & curated by (HKI)™, invites selected artists and designers to respond to the concept 'Do you have what it takes?' that is key to the product and the campaign.
Our response – "Man must explore" – takes its inspiration from the quote of Astronaut David R. Scott, Commander of the Apollo 15 Lunar Mission:
“As I stand out here in the wonders of the unknown at Hadley, I sort of realize there is a fundamental truth to our nature. Man must explore.

And this is exploration at its greatest!”
What is braver that being strapped on top of a giant rocket and shot in space? Landing on an extraterrestrial body and walking around in a complete vacuum — only protected by a fragile suit, knowing that the smallest mistake you make can be fatal. That is brave.

You can read about the thought process behind the project on my blog.

"Man must explore" video.View large version

Diesel Room

Diesel Room

Diesel Room in situ

Diesel Room in situ

Diesel Room 1
Diesel Room 2
Diesel Room 3
Diesel Room 4
Diesel Room 5
Diesel Room 6
Diesel Room 7
Diesel Room 8

Selected stills

Diesel celing graphic

Diesel Room: ceiling graphic

Diesel floor graphic

Diesel Room: floor graphic

Diesel left wall image
Diesel left wall image detail

Diesel Room: left wall image

Diesel right wall image
Diesel right wall image detail

Diesel Room: right wall image