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Logo design — Print design
Design of logo / logo mark and business cards for concept art studio Volta.
Volta wanted a bold modern identity that reflected their values / craft as a leading concept design studio. This lead to the creation of a logo and a mark that can be used side by side or as a signature on their work. Playing with the name, and to enforce the message, there's a lightning bolt hidden in the logo.

The cards use a series of cropped concept paintings that have been enlarged to focus on the textures and craft of the artists rather than show a literal image. The resulting pixelation of the images reflects the fact that most of their work is screen based.

A breakdown of the design process can be found on my blog.


VOLTA logo mark

Logo mark

VOLTA Card front 1
VOLTA Cards front 2
VOLTA Card front 3
VOLTA Card front 4
VOLTA Card front 5
VOLTA Cards front 6
VOLTA Card front 7

Business cards 1–7 (front)

VOLTA Card Back

Business card (back)


Business cards (front & back)

VOLTA Cards detail

Individual business card detail (back & front)