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This site is an archive displaying work created between 2001—2011.

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2001 - Now

Interactive design — Personal project
XimeraLabs started life as my primary website in 2000-2001 — part graphic playground, part portfolio.
Over the years (certainly since launching this site in 2003) ximeraLabs has become a (sometimes dormant) area for loose ideas and concepts. Currently it is an ongoing repository/archive of freeform and self-initiated work: sketches, visual experiments, remixes, design tests, etc...
ximeralabs version10
ximeraLabs (Designed by Muller) (2010)

Current version of ximeraLabs: an ongoing archive collecting freeform and self-initiated work that lives outside the client brief: sketches, visual experiments, remixes, design tests, etc...


ximeralabs version9
“[• RGB •]” (2010)

'Glitch art'/screen error built up of R/G/B colour lines.

ximeraLabs v9

ximeralabs version8
“Oneironaut” (2006)

After I finished the print version of Oneironaut, I started playing with the idea to lift the story from print and try to make it into an animated/interactive short. Its still a far way off from completion, but in the meantime you can look at the title sequence.

ximeraLabs v8

ximeralabs version7
“Unable to properly display image” (2004)

The 7th version of ximeraLabs.
The idea behind the site is a selection of screengrabs "gone wrong" and the results you get from them... happy accidents.

ximeraLabs v7

ximeralabs version6
“No Signal” (2003)

The 6th version of ximeraLabs.
I got the idea for this glorified holding page from the various conferences I went to and seeing how that is always the first image you get to see on the big screen while people on stage frantically try to get the show up and running.
If you don't like annoying sounds, I'd suggest you turn down your volume.

ximeraLabs v6

ximeralabs version5
“Randomness Collected” (2003)

The 5th version of ximeraLabs.
This release was a collection of random images I was working on.
No theme or concept behind it, just "sketchbook doodles" and experiments if you will.

ximeraLabs v5

ximeralabs version4
“Hold.” (2003)

The 4th version of ximeraLabs.
Another glorified holding page. If I remember correctly, I was planning to participate in the May 1st Reboot that year, but totally missed the deadline.

ximeraLabs v4

ximeralabs version3
“Azimuth” (2002)

The 3rd version of ximeraLabs.
Azimuth was the name of my Lost In Space showreel, a series of abstract 3D sequences.

ximeraLabs v3

ximeralabs version2
“Biographic” (2001)

The 2nd version of ximeraLabs.
This version was a bit of both. I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to take here: show (client) work, or keep it "clean".

ximeraLabs v2

ximeralabs version1
“ximeraLabs (0.1+10)” (2001)

The 1st version of ximeraLabs.
It took me 10 months and lots of discarded ideas to get this baby out. I didn't have any solid idea on what the site was going to be until, I think, 2 weeks before I launched it. I was toying around with an image I'd made in Flash, and accidentally broke it up and used it as a fill to colour shapes. This then gave me the idea to see how many interesting compositions I could get out of it only using 1 image (I got 10).

ximeraLabs v1